Best IPS Coaching Institutes

Getting into the Civil Services like IPS is a tough task. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for a limited number of seats. Even though, most of the candidates appearing for the IPS examination are well-aware of what to learn for the examination, most of them find it difficult to present the known information in paper. Here comes the role of coaching institutes.

In India, several IPS coaching institutes are grooming the candidates and are producing successful candidates every year. They impart great presentation skills to the candidates, which will be of great use to the candidate to succeed in spite of the heavy competition. Some of the best IPS coaching institutes in different parts of India are given below:

Prabha IAS Academy:

This is one of the best known coaching centers for all civil service examinations. This institute has produced more than 200 successful candidates and this institute is situated at Chennai. For more information regarding the center the candidates can visit their web site

Vajiram & Ravi Institute for Civil Services:

This is another famous institute offering effective coaching for IAS, IPS and other civil service examinations. This institution is situated at New Delhi and every year they have produced a list of successful candidates. For more information regarding fees and other details the candidates can visit their web site

Shankar IAS academy:

This is also a popular institute for IAS and IPS coaching. This institute is situated at Anna Nagar in Chennai. During the year 2009, 220 candidates of this institute have succeeded in the preliminary civil service examination. For more information regarding the coaching offered by this institute and the experience of the successful candidates of this institute the candidates can visit their web site

By getting coaching in the above-mentioned coaching centers, the candidates will be able to prepare themselves well for the examination and they can face the examination with confidence.


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