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Civil Service Examinations like IAS, IPS and IFS are conducted by Union Public Service Commission for different jobs in the Government organizations of the country. Civil Services comprises of 23 different services of the Indian Government and the Union Territories. Among the 23 different services, Indian Police Service, Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Foreign Service are the most aspired services.

Successful completion of IPS examination is regarded as prestigious since a number of candidates compete for a limited number of posts and getting through the examination is tough to a certain extent.

The IPS preliminary examination is conducted in two papers, they are general studies and the second paper is optional subject, which includes subjects like zoology, statistics, sociology, public administration, psychology, political science, physics, philosophy, medical science, etc…

So, for preparing for the IPS examination the books given below will be of great use to the candidates:

You too can become an I.P.S. Officer:

This book was published during 2008 by the I.P.S. Officer C. Sylendra Babu. In this book, he has given the tips for candidates regarding the right approach to prepare for the I.P.S. Examination. The online price of this book is Rs.70 and the candidates can purchase this book online from the following link:

In the case of general studies papers the candidates must keep themselves updated regarding the current affairs in all the fields. For general knowledge the candidates can refer to the book called ‘general knowledge refresher written by O.P. Khanna. For this paper, the candidates can also refer to the NCERT books of class 11 and 12 and the candidates can download these books free of cost from the following link:

For general studies paper, the candidates can also go through the competition success review magazine, where there will be previous year papers as well. This will be useful for the candidates to get through the IPS examination.


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