IPS Interview Questions

To become an IPS officer a candidate will have to get through the civil service examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. This civil service examination is being conducted by UPSC for other services like IAS, IFS, etc… The examination is generally conducted in the three stages, the first stage is preliminary examination, the second stage is the main examination and the third stage is interview. A candidate can attend the main examination only when he/she gets through the Preliminary examination and he/she will be called for interview only on successful completion of the main examination.

Generally, the candidates who successfully get through the main examination have a fear as to what type of questions will be asked in the interview. The type of questions asked in the interview is given below:

  • Your hobbies and the questions relating to your hobbies like why do you have this hobby and what is special about the hobby, etc…
  • Questions relating to your name and about the popular personalities having the similar name as yours.
  • Questions like why you want to become an IPS officer.
  • Current hot topics like Indian Cricket, Bird Flu, etc…The current topics might be relating to your subject. For instance, if you are a candidate having economics background, questions relating to current recession period might be asked.
  • Situational questions like if you were the SP and you are receiving a bomb threat what will you do immediately?
  • They might ask about why you have selected that particular subject as the optional paper.
  • Personal details like about your parents, your siblings, etc…
  • Academic background and related questions like the name of your school, college, etc…

Normally, the above-mentioned types of questions are asked during the interview. It is better not to get puzzled when you do not know the answer, it is better to simply say that I do not know the answer, if you are really do not know the answer.


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