IPS Preparation Tips

Succeeding the IPS examination is regarded as prestigious and it is the dream of many students to become an IPS Officer. But, the general impression regarding civil service examinations like IPS is that it is really hard to get through the examination. But, the candidates can get through the IPS examination with mere practice and dedicated hard work. Some of the tips for IPS examination preparation are given below:

  • Proper planning is very much essential in the process of preparing for the IPS civil service examination. The candidate should plan the time to be spent for preparing for each subject.
  • It is essential to go through the NCERT books of classes 6 to 12. If the candidates have a clear knowledge about the subjects covered under these books, it will be easier for them to get through the IPS examination.
  • The candidates should keep themselves updated regarding the current affairs by reading the newspapers daily.
  • Monthly news magazines will also be helpful. The candidates can go through the magazines like chronicle, The Frontline, Yojana, Kurukshetra, The week / outlook, Survey of Indian industries, etc…
  • In the case of preliminary examination, it will easier for the candidates to score well in case they select subjects like geography, political sciences, public administration and history. On the other hand, it will be difficult to score in subjects like civil engineering. Therefore, the candidates should think twice before selecting the optional subjects.
  • Preparing with the help of the past five year question papers is very much essential. This is because, generally the same pattern of questions is followed and so it will be easier for the candidates to practice well for the examination.
  • It is very much essential for the candidates to develop their presentation skills, only with good presentation skills; they will be able to succeed in the IPS examination.

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